Technical requirements for street lights

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Height determines the field of view, so choosing a good height determines the lighting field of the street lamp. The installation height of street lamps must be consistent (from the luminous center to the ground) for the same street lamp. 5-6 meters long arm lamps and chandeliers for ordinary streets, 6.5-7.5 meters fast lane arc lamps not less than 8 meters, and slow lane arc lamps not less than 6.5 meters.

1、 Lamp installation elevation

1. The elevation angle of the street lamp is determined by the width of the street and the light distribution curve of the lamps, and the elevation angle of each street should be consistent.

2. When the street lamp cap is adjustable, the centerline of the light source should fall within the range of L/3-1/2 of the road width.

3. After the installation of the street lamp body for long arm lamps (or support arm lamps), the lamp head side should be raised 100mm higher than the pole side.

4. The elevation angle of special street lights should be determined based on the light distribution curve.

2、 Street lighting fixtures

1. Street lights should be firm and upright, and there should be no looseness or skewness.

2. The lampshade should be intact and not broken.

3. Enamel umbrellas rusted and deformed should be replaced.

4. The reflective mirror surface of the street lamp is invalid and should be replaced.

5. The street lamp reflector should not be damaged or deformed during transportation and installation. The lampshade should be equipped with rubber rings and polished to be bright. When the lamp mouth is made of broken porcelain and exposed copper, it should be replaced.

6. Lamps and lamp bodies shall not be bent, and the fixing screws of each part shall be tightened with spring eyeliner. Do not loosen them.

7. The cast iron lamp head has cracks, falls off blocks, and cannot be used. It is not qualified without rubber.

8. The lamp body clamp should be suitable for the electric pole, and the device should not be too long.

9. The transparent cover and reflector of the lamp body should be cleaned and wiped clean during maintenance, and those that cannot be cleaned on site should be replaced.

10. The buckle of the transparent cover should be complete and easy to use, to prevent the cover from falling off. Reliable hooks should be used.

11. The dustproof felt strips of the street lamps should be complete, and any unevenness should be repaired and replaced.

12. The lamp holder and the lamp tube flange must be matched with cracks and scratches, and the screws must be complete. The bolt length should be able to penetrate the lamp holder flange.

13. When a lamp is suitable for bulbs of different specifications, the fixing point of the lamp outlet should be adjusted to the same position as the bulb capacity to obtain a suitable light distribution curve.

14. All types of iron parts are free from severe rust, cracks, scars, etc. If the paint peels off, rust should be removed and brushed

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