How to maintain and maintain solar photovoltaic street lights when they do not light up

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1、 What is the reason why solar street lights do not light up

Solar street lights are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and cost saving, making them a new type of green and environmentally friendly street light. However, some customers have reported that solar street lights may not light up after installation,

What is the reason for this? The reason why solar street lights do not light up may be:

①. Wiring method error

When wiring, if the positive and negative poles of the lamp head are reversed, there will be a phenomenon of not lighting up. If it remains on, it may be due to the reversed connection of the pool board.

②. Capacity too small

According to relevant regulations, the storage capacity of solar lithium-ion batteries from the factory to transportation is controlled at around 30%. If they are not installed for a long time or encounter problems after installation

In rainy weather, the stored electricity will be consumed, and when the electricity is used up, it will naturally not light up.

③. Quality issues

If the quality of solar street lights is poor, it may also cause them to not light up. Quality issues may exist due to circuit failures or low power generation efficiency. In such cases, the manufacturer can only be contacted

Send it back for repair or have a professional provide on-site service.

④. Battery damage

If the solar battery is damaged, it will affect the charging and discharging performance, resulting in shorter lighting time for solar street lights and failure of solar street lights.

⑤. The solar street light controller is damaged

The controller of solar street lights regulates parameters such as the charging and discharging time and voltage power of solar street lights. If it is damaged, it will cause the charging and discharging of solar street lights to lose control, thereby

Unable to light up.

2、 Maintenance Procedure for Solar Street Lights Not Illuminating

①. Check the battery. If the solar street light is not on, it is likely that the battery is damaged. Remove the battery and replace it with a new one for inspection. If it is on, it indicates that it is from the battery

Question: Thread the new battery cable and connect it according to the original wiring method; If it still doesn't light up, check other parts.

②. Check the solar panel to see if it can charge properly, mainly by checking whether there is current on the voltage board. If the battery board connector is not welded properly or

If the aluminum foil has no current, it needs to be replaced; If it is caused by dust accumulation, it can be cleaned and maintained.

③. Check the controller. Similarly, remove the controller and replace it with a controller that matches the model. If it lights up normally, it indicates that the controller is damaged. Replace it, as shown in Figure

If it still doesn't light up, continue with the inspection.

④. Check the lamp holder. If the power of the solar street lamp holder is too high, it may cause excessive discharge and premature aging of the battery. If the power is too low and the brightness is not enough

It can cause unnecessary waste of costs and damage to the lamp cap. Simply remove and replace the lamp cap.

⑤. If the above methods still cannot solve the problem, it may be a quality issue with the solar street light, and the manufacturer needs to be contacted for repair or replacement.

3、 How to maintain solar photovoltaic street lights

①. In case of strong wind, rainstorm, hail, heavy snow, etc., measures shall be taken to protect the solar cell from damage.

②. The lighting surface of solar cells should be kept clean regularly. If there is dust or other dirt, it should be rinsed with clean water first, and then wiped dry with clean gauze. Do not

Rinse with a hard object or corrosive solvent.

③. The battery pack used in conjunction with the solar cell array should be strictly used in accordance with the usage and maintenance methods of the battery.

④. Regularly check the wiring of the solar street lamp electrical system to avoid loose wiring.

⑤. Do not let hard or sharp objects collide with the solar panel, otherwise it will damage the solar panel.


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