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Qingdao Hitech New Energy Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, has committed more than 10 years to the new energy industry. Devoted to solar power products, it is a high-tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, production and selling of road lighting and lithium-ion battery for energy storage. Its main products embraces: photovoltaic systems、photovoltaic energy storage battery and urban road lighting(which includes solar street lights, high-mast lights and traffic lights).

As the subsidiary company of Yangzhou Borui Electric Lighting Co., Ltd., Qingdao Hitech New Energy Co., Ltd. mainly conducts businesses in foreign markets. Based on the factories boasting experience in production, research and development for nearly 20 years, the company devotes to provide secure, stable and high-quality solar power products, and solutions to an efficient energy-storage system. Foreign markets have been explored, including Asia, Europe, Africa and beyond.

Spirit of the enterprise: Efficient, practical, progressive.

Vision of the enterprise: Light up the future world.

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Stephen Zhang

General manager/CEO

Stephen has experience of over 15 years in the new energy industry. He acquires good reputation overseas and have clients from all over the world, due to his professional knowledge and extensive experience in the practice of government programs. He is capable of providing professional advice in solar-energy products.

Cindy Wang

Business manager

Cindy has eight years’ experience in export trade. Familiar with solar power products and solar-power storage system, she has provided solutions and products to foreign clients and in government programs. And good reviews speak for themselves. She is capable of providing reasonable and effective products within project budget.

Tom Xu

Business Manager

Tom has worked in the solar power industry for 5 years, and knows well the new-energy power-generation system and photovoltaic energy storage system. Excelling at providing clients with professional and efficient new energy solutions, Tom is willing to help clients find appropriate products for solar power projects in order to solve energy problems.

Lisa Hu

Project Manager

Lisa has devoted to the new energy industry for more than 10 years., Lisa is adept at the development of solar power projects, the design of photovoltaic energy storage system and project coordination and integration. Having an accurate understanding of clients’ needs. Her professional competence commends itself to her clients.

Sunny Li

Business Manager.

Sunny has worked in the field of new energy for 6 years. She has delivered solar power products to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and beyond. With rich professional experience and responsible service, she has received high praise from clients and has established long-term partnerships. With her help, any custom specifications you need can be met within budget.

Mary Zhang

Sales Manager

Mary, who is in the position of sales manager, has worked in the industry of Lithium battery energy storage for 6 years. As a woman of integrity, she provides service to clients from Africa and the Middle East, with the purpose of solving their electric problems while saving money for clients. She is the one who will help you purchase the most valuable and suitable products with the least amount of money.

Mia Xu

Project Manager

Mia works in international business, and has established long-term partnerships with clients through sincere conversations and winning of trust. Eight years’ experience in photovoltaic power system makes Mia familiar with new energy generation system and photovoltaic energy storage and charging system. Projects in Africa have been finished and delivered into use due to Mia’s efforts.

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