How to choose LED solar street lights without stepping on pits?

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LED street lights, as an important part of urban road lighting, ensure people's safety. LED solar street lights, as a technology based sustainable development concept, have greatly saved energy consumption in road lighting and provided lighting for areas with difficult electricity supply in remote areas. The quality of solar street lamps is related to the quality of lighting. How to choose LED solar street lamps so as not to step on them?

1. Check the LED street light source, its core technology is LED beads, and the power of solar street lights is related to the lighting brightness of the street lights. Some solar street lamp manufacturers are now falsely reporting the power of street lamps. A street lamp usually has a corresponding power of one watt per bead. When purchasing, the power is determined based on the number of LED beads in the street lamp.

2. Solar panels are divided into polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon solar panels. Monocrystalline silicon solar panels have higher light conversion efficiency than polycrystalline silicon panels, but their prices are also high. Another way is to prevent the occurrence of power virtual scale, which can be determined by testing the area of solar panels to determine the size of solar power.

3. There are three types of solar street lamp repair batteries: lithium batteries, colloidal batteries, and uncommon lead-acid batteries. Using lithium batteries is better, with small size, fast charging, long service life, and good stability.


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