Which company has the best quality solar street lights? This will teach you how to choose.

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Solar street lights utilize the principle of photovoltaic power generation to store energy during the day and achieve the effect of lighting at night. They have unparalleled energy cleanliness, sustainability, long life, and maintenance free advantages, which many LED lights do not have and have been recognized by the general public. At present, there are too many manufacturers and brands of solar street lights in the market, and there are at least a few hundred of them in total. It is difficult to find reliable solar street lights in a mixed market. Below, I will teach you how to determine which solar street light has good quality, so that you can identify the quality when purchasing. I hope it can help everyone.

The solar street light is composed of several parts, including a light holder, solar photovoltaic panels, a battery (including a battery insulation box), and a solar street light controller. Generally divided into three styles: three body (battery, light holder, and photovoltaic panel are all separate), two body (battery and light holder are together+photovoltaic panel), and integrated (photovoltaic panel, battery, and light holder are all together). In addition to these three styles, the styles of light holders also vary.

1. Solar street light holder:

For a good solar street light head, its optical processing is definitely very reliable. The reflector generally adopts a secondary light distribution method - there are two reflective cups, the first is the reflective cup for the entire light distribution, and the second is the anti glare reflective cup, which can make the light spot appear evenly and roundly. For ordinary LEDs, the central light intensity is more than 30% higher.

2. Solar photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic panels are divided into two types: monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. Polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels have good light source conversion effects, and the direct method of identification is to look at the color. The single crystal panel surface is black, while the polycrystalline panel surface is blue or colored. In theory, the larger the photovoltaic panel, the better, because the larger the area, the greater the area exposed to sunlight, and the faster the energy conversion. However, some unscrupulous merchants have fabricated the photovoltaic panel. Although the panel may appear large, only some of the internal materials may be real. In this case, only a multimeter can be used to measure the actual current.

3. Battery

The battery is the top priority of solar street lights, as it is the core of solar energy and its main function is to store electrical energy. If there is a problem with the battery, the overall solar street lights will be affected. So, when choosing solar street lights, it is important to consider whether a lithium battery with relatively stable performance is used.

4. Controller

The selection of controllers is often overlooked by customers. Although it is the least valuable part of the entire streetlight system, it is a very important aspect. The quality of the controller directly affects the lifespan of the solar street light components. A controller with two ways of regulating power should be selected, which can automatically turn off one or two ways of lighting during periods of low pedestrian traffic at night, saving electricity, and can also adjust the power of LED lights.

The above are four aspects about how to choose which brand of solar street lights has the best quality. When choosing solar street lights, the brand is really the second most important factor. Specifically, it depends on the actual quality and lighting effect of the product, how long it can be used in the future, and so on, all of which are a reference.


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